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Wild Lemon Soap


WILD LEMON-Lemon myrtle acts as a powerful cleanser, thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties. It helps to balance your natural oils, without stripping them away. The little scattering of Poppy seeds gives an every so slight exfoliation. Our choice of Oils is why we love these soaps so much, Shea Butter the “skin superfood”, for its wonderful nourishing properties, Coconut Oil for a wonderful creamy lather and deep hygienic clean. Olive Oil with all its antioxidant properties and Vitamin E goodness.


Essential Oil Blend Lemon Myrtle : Lemon Grass Lemon Eucalyptus : Shea Butter : Coconut Oil Olive Oil : Rice Bran Oil Poppy Seeds   

Approx. 140g