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Welcome to the Candle Kitchen

Welcome, I'm Petra.. let’s talk about the Candle Kitchen.

In 2012 while working away, I came across a candle, I couldn't take out of my mind! It really did send me in a spin... It was the most amazing feeling holding that candle. The rush of memories, places, and people all in a candle! I still think about it today, that was the pivotal moment that set me on the journey I now find myself.

Fast forward to 2021 ..

I have a wonderful little candle business that has been a lifesaver, through candles I have met the most amazing people. I have heard their stories, we have laughed, we have cried and we escape. All through the healing power of a candle. I am now the candle maker, hand making all my beautiful candles and it’s a wonderful journey that I find myself on.

So thank you and I hope you find a candle that gives you as much joy as it does me making them. 

lots of luck on your Journey,  Petra x