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The Womens Pic Guest Profile

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The Womens Pic Guest Profile

Last week I was lucky enough if feature on The Women's Pic

Guest Profile: Petra Delaney - The Candle Kitchen

If you find yourself heading south along Lawrence Hargrave Drive through the picturesque Northern suburbs of Wollongong, past the historic Heritage Hotel in Bulli, you will eventually come to a roundabout. Take the first exit left and you’re at "The Mill", an unassuming old warehouse that houses some creative gems.

In a few short years The Timber Mill has become a bit of an institution for the locals of the Northern suburbs of Wollongong. There is the ubiquitous outdoor cafe attached to the side like a Siamese twin, but when you venture inside you will find a layout of creative spaces and small industry. And if you follow the exotic scent that reminds you of ... something … A holiday perhaps? … Special moments from your youth? …  it will lead you to Petra Delaney and The Candle Kitchen.

It's an understatement to say Petra loves candles. When she talks about the different scents she has created, the story she tells along with the scent itself evokes indelible images in your mind. A favourite is ‘South Coast' ... 

Petra DelanePetra Delany.


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